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About Us
 Since our foundation in 1974, while having made technology innovations time and time again based on photoengraving and imaging technologies, Asahi Tec has been engaged in the manufacture of various high-precision, high quality masks. Our technologies and qualities have been highly evaluated by various customers in various industries. Our specialty and largest volume contributes to the automotive industry, the architecture industry, the solar industry, the electronic industry, the ceramic industry and the health industry.
  Furthermore, in order to support our customers who have extended their business to the world and to apply our original technologies in the world, we established our own production and sales basis in Indiana (US) in 1992, Beijing (China) in 2004, Taiwan in 2005 and Chennai (India) in 2007.
  As a unique process technostructure, we are determined to evolve ourselves incessantly by building up our expertise, working hard on the establishment of our global network, and improving the satisfaction of our customers.
  Asahi Tec understands the need for an exceptional product that demands a higher standard of quality while ensuring our customers the most in competitive pricing.
 We are looking forward to serving your production's immediate needs!
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